About XBody

2-hour body movement (traditional exercising) of intensive muscular work.

Electrical stimulation (EMS):

Electro-myo-stimulation = electrical muscle stimulation The essence of the method is that contraction of muscles is not realised by lifting weights or dumbbells, but through the usage of electric current, which causes directly the muscles to work. In EMS we employ the amperage in micro-Ampere range. This special training can achieve so intensive muscle contraction in the stimulated muscle that it can represent much more efficiency than classical (traditional) endurance training programs.

Impulses affecting the muscles
The frequency of impulses (measured in Hertz) shows the number of individual impulses which affect the musculature during muscle contraction. During the training 4-second stimulating periods and rest intervals alternate.

  • 7 Hz: 7 muscles contract in 1 second. Beneficial effects: enhancement of metabolism and blood circulation.
  • 80 Hz: 80 muscles contract in 1 second. Beneficial effect: optimal stimulation for skeletal musculature.
  • 100 Hz: 100 muscles contract in 1 second. It can be beneficially used in the field of pain attenuation.

Argumentation in favour of the XBody method:

  • Efficient muscle-building: owing to close-fitting electrodes, stimulations can affect the musculature just on the appropriate place and their intensity is in accordance with individual goals of the clients.
  • Gentle for tendons and articulations: electrical stimulations affect only muscles, therefore the joint-charging (straining) – which is known in conventional resistance training – does not occur in the course of XBody.
  • Extremely short-time training: The training causes all the muscles to work simultaneously, therefore you needn’t spend hours in the gym hall so as to achieve the appropriate intensity and charging on each part of your body – thus, it is an ideal sport for the clients who suffer from lack
    of time.
  • Fat-burning, reduction of fat tissues: Once your optimal fat-muscle ratio has already developed, your body burns much more calories, even when you sleep.
  • Blood supply of connective tissues can be ameliorated; symptoms and causes of cellulite can be reduced; lymphatic and blood circulation can be enhanced.
  • Reconditioning of muscles shortages and misbalances.
  • Enhancing the well-being: reduction of stress hormone level and increase of happiness hormone level.
  • Backaches can be well treated through the strengthening of the deep stabilising muscles which are necessary for supporting the spine.
  • Strengthening the perineum, which is responsible for urine-continence; postpartum rehabilitation.
  • Enhancing the performance of sportsmen: they can be more energetic, dynamic and faster.
  • Safe functioning: several clinical tests prove the sensational results and the safe functioning of the XBody.

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